There are so many wonderful places to visit in the Caribbean; however, there is only one Grand Bahama Island. So close but worlds apart.

Grand Bahama offers so much more than most Caribbean islands starting with the local culture. Here you will enjoy fresh conch, fresh grouper and fresh lobster. And you will enjoy the freshness at locally owned restaurants, cafes and outdoor shacks. You will find the people to be welcoming and full of enjoyable folklore.

At some resorts you will find the local fishermen walking down the beach with their catch of the day offering it to guests for a very reasonable price. Most restaurants and hotels welcome this and will offer you a reasonable price to cook your selection

The beaches on Grand Bahama are simply beautiful. You will enjoy crystal clear water and white sand beaches so amazing that you will never want to leave. Astronauts who have flown missions from Cape Canaveral have said the beaches in the Bahamas are the most beautiful they have ever seen. You can explore popular beaches with all types of activities or secluded beaches, and some in between that offer local restaurants and bars.

The best part of Grand Bahama is that it offers diversity, local culture, warm and friendly people, and a true island atmosphere without the influence of all the fast food restaurants, hotel chains, and the glitz and glitter. Yet there is plenty to see and do.