There are beautiful reefs to snorkel on the island. Favorite spots include Paradise Cove, Deadman’s Reef and Peterson Cay.   The island has so many places to snorkel you will discovery your own favorite place. The island boasts unique coral and reef formations and clear turquoise blue waters. Visibility can be up to 200 feet and the water is fairly shallow making it a great experience for visitors of all ages.

Grand Bahama Island’s reputation as a diver’s paradise is no secret. The amazing underwater world has unique coral gardens, playful dolphins, and inviting blue holes. You can choose to dive in shallow, medium or deep water and dive with dolphins and sharks.

There is the world renown Unexso Dive Center centrally located on the island for those who enjoy Scuba Diving. And for novice divers you can learn to dive at Unexso’s dive training pool and get certified at their first-class dive facility.